TVAI 3.3.8 Proteus - Manual estimate only working the first time

In case it gets missed in the 3.3.8 thread → same problem here, copied from the other thread:

“In Proteus manual, estimate function only works the first time. Go to a different frame or do some cropping and click on estimate does not change any parameter value. Reverting back to v3.3.5 for now.”

"I have similar, possibly same issue with Proteus in 3.3.8. Can’t say whether or not it was an issue in 3.3.6 or 3.3.7 but it definitely was not like this 3.3.5 and earlier.

Usually I will check the estimates throughout the video then decide on an overall settings for the video manually. This issue now is that, once I manually set a value, it will remain that value regardless of input source and will not change by using the estimate function. The only way to unstuck it is to restart the app.

This really makes it inconvenient when I want to use estimate function on multiple different videos. It practically mean I can only queue one video at a time and have to restart the app if I want to use estimate function for a different video."

"To reproduce problem:

  1. Load video
  2. Slide Enhancement to On
  3. Change Auto to Manual
  4. Press Estimate: Revert Compression displays 34
  5. Manually change Revert Compression to 99
  6. Press Estimate: Revert Compression displays 99 (should go back to 34)
  7. Go to different frame, press estimate, still 99 (in 3.35 → new value)
  8. Load a new video file, press estimate, still 99 (in 3.3.5 → new value)"

Hey there, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: We have this in our cycle and are looking into it.

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