Tutorial Mask AI freezes App Windows 10


Did install the v 1.0 version of Mask AI and got an error at install that I ignored by clicking “ignore”.
Then the build in tutorial let’s the app freeze when clicking compute. Only a reboot of the Windows 10 computer solves the problem. I can repeat this error as much as I want!

I’m very surprised that suddenly the commercial version is out, because the beta was not finished to my taste!




Just purchased Mask AI and the Photoshop plugin version is full of bugs, not a production ready product at all.

I have raised three tickets so far on the Plugin version.


Hi David, can you raise a support request at the main website for this issue please.

I did not have that problem on either of my two installs on Win 10 machines so far.

Works fine here - Desktop and Laptop

No Problem here. Desktop and Laptop

Replying to my own message to give an update.

One bug was that the plugin didnt return the mask to Photoshop. I’ve now established that for this to work you must unlock your layer first. I think the product itself could notify you if this hasn’t been done on the layer you are working on to avoid confusion.

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Works well here.

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