Tutorial for Current Mask AI

The only tutorials I can find that provide any meaningful information are nearly a year old and are clearly addressing a version of Mask AI that is not like the current version. ( V 1.2.4 )
Due to the revisions of the software, I find it’s a waste of time to view these old tutorials as the software operations have changed.
I’m having some trouble fine tuning my masks created under Mask AI, and find myself reverting to Remask rather than using Photoshop Quick Mask to clean up the masks created under Mask AI.
This is frustrating.
Is there a source for up-to-date tutorials?

Yes, in the current version there are two tutorials, one for basics and the other for refinement …


I never saw these as they don’t show when using Mask AI as a Photoshop plugin and on a specific image which is my go-to workflow.
Actually, now that I look for them, I see that they show for a brief second and then the application menus take over.
Thanks. I will check them out.
Do you know of others? (YouTube, etc? )
BTW The Tutorial link in the Help menu takes me to a confusing mess of tutorials on the Topaz web site; none of which seem to mention Mask AI.
Topaz needs to spend a little time cleaning up the web site, archiving old tutorials, and streamlining the navigation path for the whole site.