Turn off refine subject

I sometimes find that refine subject works against me as I want to work on the whole image. I can get round this by brushing in the whole image but would like to be able to select the whole image by turning off refine. Is that possible?

I don’t believe it’s possible at the moment.

Hi, if you mean you want to turn off subject detection
Then you have this option within the Photo AI preferences under General > Autopilot

Subject Detection

Subject Detection controls the model used for subject masking and sharpening. Click on the dropdown menu to view the options.

Identifies and selects an object in focus

Identifies and selects people in focus

Identifies land or water in focus and deselects sky

No mask is created automatically

Hope this helps

Similar to the option already stated in the preferences that applies to all images you open, you can also click None while in Refine Subject mode to turn off the mask just for that image. No mask is handled by the program the same as having the whole image masked. There is also an option under Sharpen to toggle the use of the mask.