TS2v2.0.11 Windows Security Risk

Windows 10

During the installation of TS2v2.0.11 I noticed Quicktime 5.2 was installed. That seemed odd because not only is that particular version about 15 years old, Quicktime for Windows has not been supported by Apple since 2016. Quicktime should not be installed on any Windows computer - the US Department of Homeland Security has recommended that all versions of Quicktime be immediately removed from all Windows computers because of it’s vulnerability to attack. Anyone with any doubt about the issue should google Quicktime Windows.

There are legacy programs that require Quicktime and there is a way to install Quicktime 7 and still secure your computer - for example I use GoPro Quik to capture GoPro video. Unfortunately all my settings were overwritten by Quicktime 5 when it was installed by TS2v2.0.11 and Quik ceased to function.

I have completely removed Topaz Studio 2 (which in turn removed Quicktime 5) from my computer and reset Quicktime 7. GoPro Quik is working again. Must think about this for a few days, but I’m not sure if I will ever install Topaz Studio 2 again.

That’s odd…I don’t see QuickTime on my Win-10 machine (with TS2 v2.0.11).

Topaz Studio does not install Quicktime, I suspect that you already had it installed. And note also that GoPro Quick does not install QuickTime as it isn’t necessary for the application.

You must make sure that you are installing applications from the manufacturers websites ONLY.

Does not show up in Control Panel - but I saw it being installed during the update to the latest version of TS2.

I checked my windows 10 system and there is no Quicktime app installed. I have TS2 installed.

You probably saw it installing this product which is a development environment QT is not QuickTime … :slight_smile: If you have QuickTime installed it doesn’t come from Topaz Studio or GoPro Quick … :

And Qt is a component of Topaz Studio, and indeed all other Topaz products, and does not appear in the installed applications.

As Don said, Qt libraries, which TS uses, is NOT QuickTime.