TS2 v. 2.2.0: imported textures can't be used in Digital Frame

Summary: I am unable to use my own imported textures in the Digital Frame filter.

I imported textures into TS v. 2.2.0 using the following method:

  1. Open image
  2. Open Texture Filter
  3. Open Texture/Category manager
  4. Click on Import Texture and select a jpg file to use as a texture (I tested with size 600x600 pixel)

These textures are available in the Texture Filter and work there.
These textures are available to select in the Digital Frame Filter, and they are found if I use the search function to search for the name of the textures, but they don’t work. If I select one of these imported filters to use as a frame or mat texture, the frame/mat disappear from my image leaving only the source image.

There is another anomaly.
If I import the textures as above, they show up in the Digital Frame Filter panel. They also show up if I import them into a default Texture category (like Bokeh).
If I create my own Texture category in the Texture/Category Manager (such as "My Textures) and import my own textures into this category, these textures do not show up in the Digital Frame Filter panel and if I use the search function to search for them there, they are not found.

Apparently the Digital Frame Filter won’t use imported textures and doesn’t even see them if the textures are imported to a new category.

How is it possible to use imported textures in the Digital Frame filter?

When you import Textures into the Texture Filter they are for use in the Texture Filter.

The Digital Frame filter is not connected to the Texture Filter, if you want to import Textures into the Digital Frame filter you will need to raise a Product Enhancement Request. The Digital Frame filter does use some of the Textures installed in the Texture Filter.