TS2 Texture Issue with Look "Blue Paint Border"

While trying to repeat a texture effect from the old plug-in to TS2 (“Blue & More Blue” in TS1), despite my attempts to edit the texture (size, location etc), instead of getting a white border with blue border inside it (using TS2 “Blue Paint Border”, my image continues to display to the right edge of the border (or left if I flip it) and a black rectangle inside of the left side of the border obscuring that side of the image.

Anyone else experiencing this on a Mac (not yet updated to o/s Catalina so its not that!), more to the point anyone got the solution?

I upgraded to Catalina, which cause other problems. A re-install of TS2 resolved those new problems (helpful procedure by Topaz, I must say), but unfortunately the problem with the texture effect remains. I also tested it by applying (in TS2) the texture via 'Filters, Texture/Borders, but the problem repeats.

So, I’ve submitted a ticket for support, but guess it might be a while.