TS2 & Remask 5

Hi, I beleive that TS2 and RM5 are on the table to be able to use together but is there an approx time frame for this please? I also use On1 2019 Photo RAW that has a good masking option but from what I have scene on youtube and read about RM5 it is a much better product and Topaz honour there customers by giving free upgrades to software purchased when they are available where the likes of On1 and Skylum are charging for this. Many Thanks. Russ.

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This is something I’d also be interested in knowing.

Well seems no one at Topaz is interested in the question.

Oh well 7 days gone by and no one from Topaz can answer what is a simple question, understand there are many requests and questions but even a ‘don’t no’ answer would be better than silence. Thankyou.