TS2 - Missing Category & Sort By for Black & White Looks

Please add Black & White to Category and Sort By for Looks


Do you mean Monochromatic like in Studio 1?

Sure, that would work! Although TS1 does have a Black & White

There is a Black & White Adjustment in v1, which would be a Filter in V2, not presets as I don’t see any Black & White Looks which are Effects in v1.

Is the Filter what you want?

The Seven Elements of the Best Black and White Photos
Shadow, Contrast, Tones (Dark and Light), Shapes, Texture, Composition, Emotion
These sound for something that could ne composit to different looks

The word monochrome means “of a single color.” So, monochrome photos can have a color tint, assuming it is just one color.
Good old days I use to tint prints for deeper look and protective purpose. So technically those weren´t monocrome or Bw at all, whats so ever agreed this on proposal

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Sorry I’m not explaining it right Don, no, I know we have a B&W filter. I would like to see B&W (or monochromatic) here in the Looks drop-down for Category:
and/or Sort by:

In TS1 we had Monochromatic under the Studio effects category, and Black and White under Texture Effects.

I would initially say I want it in Category, but if I chose My Looks (for category) I’d want to see Monochromatic in Sort By. Make sense?

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Ok I understand.

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Yes, BW images are monochromes. Not all monochromes are BW. As you said…

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