TS2 - Layer Info Visibility

I really miss the info that was visible on adjustment layers in TS1 whether or not an adjustment layer was active. At the very least, an eyeball to turn on/off filter visibility. Made it so much easier to tweak settings.



I agree very strongly with this - the presentation of Filters is much, much better in TS1.


Unless they have disappeared in the very latest update (I’m still running on 2.0.8) there are definitely eyeballs to turn off/on filter/layer visibility


They behave slightly differently depending on their role/location I find (I have colour coded for ease of reference)
Red - On the Look header - always showing.
Blue - On a visible filter within a look - only showing when active or you hover the mouse over it
Green - On an invisible filter within a look - always showing

It may be more helpful if the eyeball etc. was always showing on all filters/layers.

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The opacity and the blend mode are extremely important and I very much like seeing them when all the Filters are minimized. Just having an eyeball to turn a Filter on/off is not sufficient.


I agree. Also, the separation between TS2 Effects and their sliders is laborious to use, the drop-down system TS1 uses is more intuitive.


@rasmus160 Thank you for your response. I guess I didn’t make it clear. Yes there are eyeballs on filters now. But, if you click on the layer for your Look, only the filters that are turned off are indicated, so the assumption would be that the others are all on. I get that.

In TS1, I could look at the filters making up my Effect/now Look and know at a glance what the blend modes were, if there were masks applied…a wealth of information that now require numerous clicking to determine. Made it so much easier to tweak to get the Look I had in my mind’s eye.


Like I said before I like the Version 1 layout better then Version 2.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday editing photos with TS 1 and TS 2 and really began to appreciate the layout we had in TS1. It was fast, intuitive and provided lots of information about the status of our edit. It may have been the best interface of any edit program that I have used. Topaz really hit a home run with that layout. Not so much with the layout of TS2.


@kap55 Have to agree with you that TS1 is a superior layout (including the multi image format) in many ways.