Trying to speed up work flow

Is there some way to prevent Topaz A.I., from doing any analyticals to the images when you first import them, and then also when switching between photos? I have autopilot disabled, but upon the initial import, it takes quite a few second to analize and automatically denoise the image, before I can do anything with it.
To get around this I have been using IRFANview to go through a selection process of which photos to import into Topaz. It would speed things up if I could load all my images into Topaz, delete the ones that I don’t wish to manipulate, and then start addressing the changes to the ones that I wish to modify.

MSI GS76 STEALTH UH11-078 Laptop
Intel 13th gen Core i9 CPU
Nvidia 3070 GPU
64gb Corsair DDR4
Dell U4021QW monitor

Would you please send in your full system profile information so we can see if your computer hardware is up to date to hopefully help with speeding up your workflow:

You can securely submit your files(s) to my Dropbox using the link below.

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I don’t believe that you understand what I meant. I am just wishing to be able to import a folder if photos, then quickly scroll from photo to photo, without any photo analyzing from the software, until I tell it to. This way I can delete the ones that I don’t want to edit, then start editing. As it is now, anytime you arrow over to the next photo, there is a delay before you can do anything, because Topaz is analyzing the photo.
This means that we have to view the photos in a separate app first, delete the ones that we don’t wish to edit, then import only the ones that we do wish to edit

Thanks for clarifying this workflow for me, my apologies for not understanding the initial message.

The Analyze process is not only related to Autopilot it is also the process of loading the image to the application. This slow response may be related to your machine which is what originally led me to believe investigating your current hardware may be of use.

11th gen core i9 11990h
Nvidia rtx 3070
64gb Corsair ddr4
Several nvme m.2s
Rendering via gpu
Windows 10 Pro
Minitor shouldnt matter but its a Dell U4921qw

Im not at my PC for but, so cant use the tool. Everything is updated, included chipset, gpu, etc. As i am a builder, though this is a prevuilt MSI Stealth GS76