Trying to active and the Topaz server is not responding

Topaz server is not responding during activation?

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yes I am having the same problem all i get is the message {“message”: “Endpoint request timed out”}

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Same. Too many people trying to use their coupon code, maybe

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sometimes using a vpn can cause this. happened to me with the local fast food delivery web site.

I’m having the same problem of Activating -

I have the same problem here with Topaz VIDEO AI. I want to activate to install the latest upgrade, and I cannot get through (although I was able to log in to make this post, the program does not see it).

Same problem here with Video AI. Hoping they can get the activation endpoint fixed ASAP!

It just worked for me - 4.1.2 activated - Yea!!

Hey guys,

Our site is currently down for maintenance,

Should be up in the next few hours

Thanks for your patience