True nondestructive editing in Studio 2

Since masks are not being saved in the custom look , which is about the only option to rework an older edit, you have to start pretty much all over… This makes Studio 2 unusable for serious editing. You really need to able to have a second new ( and a third …) to do some adjustments. No professional use possible.

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I just ran into this. I just started testing Studio 2. Seems the mask is attached to each look and each filter in each look. I tried reorganizing the looks, placing the one with my mask in different positions, 1st, last, etc. but doesn’t seem to come through. That was a nice feature of Studio 1 that you mask was attached to the image and you could keep adding filters and the mask stayed. I might be missing something

When they bring back Copy Mask it hopefully will get around some of that problem

I suspect that saving masks on a look would be unproductive as no two images are the same and no two images would have the same making requirements.

You can save the masks as part of the project file for individual images which are available when you reopen/reedit the project file.