Troubleshooting help - terrible performance

I’ve got an intel i9-12900T CPU and a Nvidia T1000 8GB GPU. However my benchmarks are awful.
In both the Video AI Beta and Video AI latest release I get:

input 720x480
on GPU:
Artemis 1x - ~1fps
and similar on both
on CPU
Artemis 1x 2.88fps
Iris 3.07fps

Running Windows 11.23

I’ve tried downgrading to the Nvidia 529 DCH drivers and I’ve also tried the newest release but no success. Intel drivers are Intel® Graphics Driver

Any ideas what the heck is wrong? I can’t find any troubleshooting guide otherwise.

I think your graphics card is too slow. Video a. i. is very demanding. Dependend on your graphics hardware you can just give up on it as I did with my AMD RX Vega 8.

Any reason why you downgraded the GPU release? You will want to be on the most recent studio driver when possible.

I’ve switched between GPU drivers to try - the latest Nvidia Studio version is still the same performance wise.

as always :frowning: