Trouble shot

I can no longer upload TOPAZED images to facebook…I have written to face book but no luck…since I use this product so often and I see so many people using it also, I am wondering if there is a fix for this that I am unaware of…Thank You al dussault

What error are you getting from Facebook. I have never had a problem uploading images and if there is one Ihave not seen it referenced here before. Hopefully it is something simple.

There are quite a few people reporting problems uploading to FB at the moment. I doubt it’s anything to do with processing them in Topaz,unless you can upload other images ok.

no error message just the constant churning of attempting to load

uploading words a sentence…works fine, and also images not created in topaz up load…

Could it be a size issue? How large are the files?

The size is where my head was going. I tried uploading a file to a site yesterday and although the size accepted was generous, this particular image was too big. I compared the size of the original file with the edited one and it had increased significantly. It’s something that I’m going to pay more attention to after seeing it.

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If you are not already, make sure to re-size to a pic aspect ratio suitable for FB; eg 1024x.768

The storage admins will thank you…