Trouble after update

Ever since I’ve updated to the latest Studio (ver 1.12.0), When I use it as a plugin from Affinity Photo or as Stand Alone It sync’s content and also says starting 30 day trial on Pro Adjustment that I have already purchased. It never did this before, is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I had the same problem with AI Clear. This started sometime after updating. But now, starting this past week, Studio is unable to sync content at all. Every time it tries it says “there is a problem syncing content.”

I had contacted Customer Service when the problem with AI Clear started, and they replied that they know about the problem and are trying to fix it. Tonight I just wrote to them about the new problem with not being able to sync at all. I want to purchase another Adjustment, but am afraid to do it since it may not be able to be loaded on my system.

I’m guessing others have a similar problem??


Thank you for sharing, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

In case this helps - Topaz support responded to my problem and said to do a reset. Although I was worried that if I did I might lose all my adjustments, I did it. Happy to report that it appears the problem is now solved, and I can now sync with no more error messages.