Trimming high resolution Video clips

I’ve been trying to trim a high resolution video clip and it is prohibitively cumbersome. A task that should take seconds to complete, slows to a crawl, thereby wasting precious minutes waiting for the preview to update frame by frame with little/no indication that the slider can be moved again.

One possible solution is to create a temporary proxy clip with a lower resolution on which to perform the trim functionality. The input clip should be altered programmatically when the “Apply” button is pressed. The temporary proxy should remain available for further modification and can be discarded when the input clip is released.

Applications are made and broken based on usably. Time sinks like this are just not acceptable on a professional level. Many thanks for your consideration.

Hi @scott.booth Could you please make a screen recording so that we can see your specific case? Oftentimes it is easiest to share a screen recording for issues like this to quickly show me exactly what is happening. I use Loom for screen recordings since this is a free and easy to use app.