Trimming feedback

Trimming footage in TOPAZ is a bit of hit and miss.
Without in and out markers it’s not easy to trim any footage.
And now the preview window not working as it should…
These two small problems makes TOPAZ harder to use.

Hey…Don’t worry about all that because your getting SPEED.

Well, I’m sure that when it’s time to renew the licence
they might realize. Some folks are not happy.

SHRINK 3.2 (Free Software) will do the job…You can Trim DVD VOB footage and out put it in
one whole block instead of it being out putted in 1 or 2GB blocks.

Hope this helps some folks.

Hi @monsterlinx2 Trimming is a work in progress and we are working on creating a smoother and more accurate trimming process.

Taking a look at our roadmap posts would be very helpful for you so you understand what are priorities are and what we are currently working on.