Tree Stump in Studio

Trying to improve my B/W skills in Studio using the B/W adjustment and other enhancements. I know it could be better so I guess I’m looking for some suggestions.
I seem to be stuck in “old school” mode as I still favor PE + Topaz Filters from within it. Although I can see the benefits of Studio.


Before and After:


I really like both the composition and your BW conversion a lot!

I think the fun thing about BW is that you can experiment a lot and create versions that are very different from each other but still look interesting and somewhat “realistic” - if you try to experiment as radically in color, the image won’t look realistic at all. I would just suggest playing with the sliders and settings as much as possible!

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I really prefer black and white and I do okay with it in P.E. + B/W2 from Topaz. I’m just trying to get better using Studio. Thanks for the input Ken.

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Hi Harry, I also gave it a go using Topaz Studio B&W. Below the result and the B&W settings I used. I was sceptical in the beginning but now I think B&W within Studio is very straight forward to use.


I like your rendition better than mine Peter. Nice work.

Thanks Harry. Your edit is nice, too. It is just different. Both the plugin version and the one in Studio have their advantages/disadvantages. I normally use Studio from within PSP or Affinity. Depending on the original I duplicate the background layer and then apply Studio filters. This enables me to do some more tweaks in the host program if I wish. Cheers Peter

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