Tree Stump in Studio

(Harry) #1

Trying to improve my B/W skills in Studio using the B/W adjustment and other enhancements. I know it could be better so I guess I’m looking for some suggestions.
I seem to be stuck in “old school” mode as I still favor PE + Topaz Filters from within it. Although I can see the benefits of Studio.


Before and After:

(Kenneth Kovach) #2

I really like both the composition and your BW conversion a lot!

I think the fun thing about BW is that you can experiment a lot and create versions that are very different from each other but still look interesting and somewhat “realistic” - if you try to experiment as radically in color, the image won’t look realistic at all. I would just suggest playing with the sliders and settings as much as possible!

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(Harry) #3

I really prefer black and white and I do okay with it in P.E. + B/W2 from Topaz. I’m just trying to get better using Studio. Thanks for the input Ken.

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(Peter) #4

Hi Harry, I also gave it a go using Topaz Studio B&W. Below the result and the B&W settings I used. I was sceptical in the beginning but now I think B&W within Studio is very straight forward to use.

(Harry) #5

I like your rendition better than mine Peter. Nice work.

(Peter) #6

Thanks Harry. Your edit is nice, too. It is just different. Both the plugin version and the one in Studio have their advantages/disadvantages. I normally use Studio from within PSP or Affinity. Depending on the original I duplicate the background layer and then apply Studio filters. This enables me to do some more tweaks in the host program if I wish. Cheers Peter

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