Tree, Alberta Legislature Building, Edmonton

If anyone could identify the tree I would be grateful! :deciduous_tree: :

Please enlarge to see entire tree

This shot gave me many headaches - I meant to shoot it as a panorama, but but had the camera set for exposure bracketing, so you can imagine how that turned out! :grimacing:

Topaz Studio Impression, Glow, Vignettere, etc, etc.



Looks loke a Silver Birch

Very nice work …

I don’t know the species of the tree, but your processing really makes it more colorful and brightens it up nicely.

Looks like a Birch to me.

@Mond, @RatRodStudios, @cre8art, @Kathy_9 - thank you very much for the nice comments and for helping me to identify the tree. To me, the tree looked like several skinny birch trees that were shoved into a vase of a different tree…

I agree, the top branches do look like birch, but the tree base does not…, unless it’s a species I’ve never seen?