Treating a se4ries of images I have queued up

I tried to treat a series of 21 pictures (tiffs) but Topaz photo Ai cut out after 8 pics in the queue. I found it had only altered 1 of those 8, and the other 7 were not corrected at all.

Steps to reproduce issue:

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Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Thanks for reaching out. Please open Topaz Photo AI, go to the menu bar on the top and click the Help > Open Log Folder menu option. Attach the logs files that you can see in the window that opens so I can figure out the cause of the crash.

Thanks, these are the logs since I installed the update sent by Tim He a few days ago.


2023-09-14-09-39-8.tzlog (12.4 KB)

2023-09-13-03-34-11.tzlog (4.28 MB)

The logs don’t show any crashes. Please update to v2.0.1 and try processing again. Are you still having that issue?

We fixed a crash that would affect this. If the processing continues without crashing then this should be fixed.