Transparency, ReMask

I am trying ReMask and I have encountered this problem:
The output image has transparency in the keep area.
It’s not just edges or father on edges, it’s the whole keep area, a uniform level of transparency, maybe 5% or so.

I’ve tried exporting PNG 8, PNG 16, TIFF 8, TIFF 16, different compression algorithms, Adobe RGB, sRGB, wide gamut RGB, all settings possible. When I save with transparency, there’s a spill of transparency in the keep.
Also tried different edge hardness, edge shift, strength, color recovery, no luck.

I’ve checked my original file and seems to be fine. Tried different file also.
When I bring the resulting mask in Photoshop that transparency shows up.

Thanks for your help.

At the bottom of the tools panel on the left there are three icons - transparency, solid colour, and image. Try working with the solid colour selected and see if that helps.

Thank you Angie for looking into this.
Still no luck.
If you look close in the last image, you can see a faint checker pattern in the dark areas. That’s transparency showing through. I was able to get my target background replacement by uploading it in Remask, but that’s not a solution on long term.
Thanks for your help.
I am not so sure what to do next.

On some other matter: the link back from your email to the topic doens’t work, some amazon server error.

Hi, ReMask will never produce a 100% perfect mask instantly. I think here you need to pick the green brush and click on the areas which are transparent. Also I always use the recovery slider at 100%. This often helps, too

It may not be a server error. I have recently had to change my computer and there have been several issues with the new one which I am trying to rectify. Thanks for the info tho’

I don’t expect miracles, but I’ll take one whenever I can.
Still no luck, recovery at 100%, shows as total white mask in ReMask, but in Photoshop, the transparency spills deep into the “keep” zone.
Maybe there’s something wrong with my Photoshop or who knows what.
Will see if anything else transpires.
Thanks for your suggestions.

Are you using Photoshop CC? If so have you tried either the ‘Focus’ select tool, or the ‘Subject’ select tool? The Subject Select tool was added in the last upgrade but the Focus select has been there sometime and personally I have found it excellent. The first mask that appears when using Focus select can very easily be added too or subtracted from and PS seems to have some understanding of where you are going!. The Subject select has AI assisteance. I have found this works very well for people but not so good for objects. YouTube videos on both.

I am having the exact same problem all of a sudden… My exported cutout images are transparent when placed into Photoshop… yes I know what I’m doing… yes it’s the latest Photoshop.

UPDATE: I believe that when selecting “Place Embedded” while having a layer with a transparency possibly selected (a place shadow here layer in a composite) it forced a transparency.