Transparencies go wrong

There is a nasty problem with transparent images;

I render 3D to frames then GAI those frames then ffmpeg into movies.
Here is a figure from the render;

Here is the same figure after GAI702;

Notice the horrible halo! This is with the V1 model, and with the V2 model it’s much worse there is terrible noise all over the background. Totally unusable.

I posted these short movies instead of actual pictures because it’s hard to see the noise except by comparing pixels directly. The movie versions make it totally obvious. It’s definitely not an ffmpeg problem.

Can you tell me about the file format used when converting to frames, prior to uploading to Gigapixel?

There is a known issue with our upscale models for transparent files that are PNGs.

Sure. These are pngs. Here’s one of the pictures you can try

Try upscaling say by x2 with high fidelity V2 model. GIA702.

This model is worse than the above example i posted. You’ll find the whole background transparency is covered in noise. It’s hard to see though, as it appears noise i think in the alpha channel. Use an image comparison to show the detail

Here’s an image diff of the result scaled back by 1/2 and compared to original:

I’ve recreated the conflict locally, thank you for supplying me with the images.

Unfortunately, this is a known conflict due to the type of image as our models aren’t trained for transparent images.

Thanks for looking into this.

Notwithstanding training insufficiency, I think there may be two problems here.

  1. The halo around objects with transparent backgrounds.
  2. The transparent background noise.

The V1 models only exhibited the halos. When I fell back to V1 models, (2) is fixed but (1) still there.

You can see from my image diff that, using V2 models, there is a halo but there is also a clear region around the figure and then noise in the general transparent background, quite away from the figure.

This suggests something weird is going on in V2 not in V1. Differences at the base of the figure near the feet will be different anyhow since this figure has a ground shadow. That can be disregarded here.

Anyway, If you get a chance to improve handling of transparencies or a workaround, I’d be most grateful.

thanks for helping.

Of course and thank you for sharing this. I will be sure to bring this to our product and developments teams for further investigation as we are always trying to improve our products for our users needs.