Train failed

hi my pc has 32Gb ram with i7-6700hq and gtx1060 6Gb VRAM,Max VRAM i set medium level ,today i find a error that unable ruan selected modle(ALQ v10) when i am training a 60min video to 4K,i see my VRAM was used more and more,it’s seem VRAM was used exceed 6GB,and train It’s failed,what shoud i do

Hello @avigvincent52690 I am just a user of VEAI, but I have found similar issues on macOS. The ram, and vram begin to stack up and become overwhelming for the machine. However, I have been able to work around this by doing one of the following:

  1. After running previews of any type, do a Save Default settings to save the model training settings, then restart VEAI, and begin your full encoding as the only item.

  2. Restart VEAI in between encodings, or every 3 or 4 encodings to keep the ram use low.

  3. Using VEAI Beta 2.x has better at VRAM use, but still needs the work arounds I suggested.