TPAI is super-annoying

As often as not a message window “You’ve launched the TPAI plugin for Photoshop…” appears over Topaz Photo AI, getting in the way. There is no minimize button. This is a scar on a fine program.

Topaz Photo AI v2.1.0 on Windows

If you click anywhere on Photo AI the focus will shift and you won’t see it anymore.

It’s the only Ps plugin that has this behavior. It looks very amateurish. Make it like the other Topaz plugins, please.



Not so on my PC. It refuses to yield. Clicking X shuts down Photo AI. No minimize button. This seems like something farmed out to a high school kid.



I presume the plugin was launched from inside Photoshop? The message window locks PS to prevent further activity in PS until you close it, which you would do when you go back to PS from TPAI.

I couldn’t reproduce your issue. The message window always stayed with the PS window. I’m on v2.1.2 of TPAI.

I’m using V2.1.2 also. While it may be true that this message window has a purpose, it is not how other plugins work. I have a lot of plugins, including many Topaz Labs ones. This is the only product with bad behavior. I see no benefit to using the message window, especially when it gets in the way of viewing your work.

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