TPAI 2.0.3 Crashes

Just updated to 2.0.3 (Windows Pro 10) and it crashes when dragging & dropping a picture into TPAI. When I use File/Open Images the app doesn’t crash.

2023-09-29-13-08-27.tzlog (432.4 KB)

Thanks for reaching out. Could you get the application to crash 3 times and send me the logs from those three crashes?

I can look for commonalities to figure out the cause.

Here’s one from just before the last one I sent you.

I tried it a few times more but now no crashes anymore. Go figure.

2023-09-29-13-08-27.tzlog (436 KB)

Hopefully that means it’s fixed and will continue to behave.

If it happens again please let me know. The logs are inconclusive as to what the cause is.

Will do so, Lingyu. Thanks for the quick response!
Stijn K.

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