Topen Sharpen A.I v1.13 Bugs exifs & more

Hello, this message is from developpers

  1. When you “create” one jpg (with his exifs) ans save in TIF format, lost many exifs infos.
    Its easy to keep all exifs clean.

For exemple with ExifTool (Free by Paul Harvey) see here

From windows

  1. You get his program
  2. You rename it Exiftool.exe (withous the “(-k)”
  3. You use your notepad
    and copy this (exept the symbols “~~~~”)
@Echo off
@Echo -
@if [%1] ==[] goto :fin
@if [%2] ==[] goto :end
%~dp0exiftool -Tagsfromfile %1 -all:all %2
@ Echo -----------------------------------------------------------------------
@ Echo Job Succes, Copy exifs vs your Tif, all is right  
@ Echo -----------------------------------------------------------------------
@ Echo -----------------------------------------------------------------------
@ Echo /!\ ~You MUST select TWO files, Src (Jpg) AND dest. (Tif)
@ Echo -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Now you save it with the name 
The file (bat) AND exif tool.exe must be to same location (folder)
Just select your two files exemple toto.jpp And toto-sharpen.tif
You drag n drop this two file in "copyExifJpgVsTif.Bat"
It waiting ... 1 sec...
And create it now one file named xxxx(your name).tif, it's your new file with exifs
and the old (original tif) xxxx.tif_ORIGINAL
If good, delete it after (or added the line funtion in your bat, too easy)
Del %2_original

For developpers, it's easy integrate exiftool in your product for future.

Other points:
When i convert some picture, the settings of choice save is lost (arghh)
If i save in Tif, i must every time select in, first:
Tif (and not jpg)
If i choice PNG my cursor is always set to 1 (and me i choice 10 or 5)
Same in cursor in jpeg, if i want 7 in all my shooting picture, i must replace the cursor in 7.
 This options is really easy to save in ini file or registery

Same from the cursors of choice blur, grain etc..
Why not have choice of save it.

The good option for future 1.14, 1.15 is possible batching task
I drag & drop 5 pictures in topaz sharpen ai icon in my desktop,
when it's maunchin',  i choice my settings cursor of my first picture
exemple 6, 5 and grain 2

After i choice my format output (ex Jpeg with 7 in compression factor)
or tif or png 10
And when click "runs" my five picture is in working progress,
 me just go one little good coffe and not stupidly waiting in each picture ending (argh)