TopazPhoto AI Closes after Closing an Image

Win 11- Topaz AI Ver 1.3.0 closes after closing a photo:

  1. Save a photo
  2. Close save dialog box
  3. File-Close Image
  4. Topaz Photo AI program shuts down

I need to restart the program to move to import the next photo for sharpening.

DxDiag.txt (145.7 KB)

Hi @david.talarico, can you go to Help > Open Log Folder and share all of your log files with us the next time this behavior occurs?

The program shuts down when switching between Faststone Image Viewer and Topaz Photo AI requiring me to restart the program and runing Topaz Photo Ai then saving the modificatio

2023-04-23-14-31-50.tzlog (11.2 KB)
2023-04-23-14-31-51.tzlog (1.4 KB)
n before switching to Faststone Image Viewer

2023-04-23-14-26-38.tzlog (1.4 KB)
2023-04-23-14-29-30.tzlog (1.7 MB)

2023-04-23-14-22-12.tzlog (367.0 KB)
2023-04-23-14-26-37.tzlog (296.9 KB)

Thanks for sending the log files. It looks like you are getting a crash when batch processing images.

I shared the log files with my team so we can look into a solution. This specific crash is one we are prioritizing a fix for.

I can follow up once I have more information about a solution.

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