TopazAI 2.1.4 - Feedback for developers 'Remove BETA' ( after 1,000 images processed) batch procesing fails

First of all, a big thank you to all the team members working on this tool. It’s a great addition to Topaz AI’s available functions.

System Win 11 Pro, Nvidia 3090TI (using Studio Driver Set), .png file type

  1. Incorrect color applied when removing content from a black (or dark grey) background

Take an image that has a black background and then remove an item from that image such that the generated fill should match the black background that you have. What happens is the area that you masked for replacement will now be a grey/ light black and not matching or blended to the black background. This also happens with dark grey backgrounds as well.

  1. The green box area issue hands / feet / legs (and work around)

This is very specific. If the green box area is small and contains some small part of a hand / foot / leg the paint fill will generate unnatural extensions of those body parts. This will continue even if you reprocess the remove area (I did this up to 4 times on some images)

Interestingly, if you force the removal tool to take in more than 50% (but best if it is 100%) of the image forcing the green box to red the fill generated is normally correct and missing the unnatural extensions. It sometimes still creates some distortions but these are generally very minor.

  1. You can’t batch process a series photos that have had any remove / adjust lighting / balance color applied to them. The first image will process and save then Topaz AI will hang whilst processing the second image in the batch.

Take 5 images and apply one of the new tools to each of them and then select them all and then process them. The system will only process the first image and then will hang on the next image.

There is also a problem when you cancel and return to Topaz AI with the file handling for the images loaded in the bottom banner being lost. You have to close them all and then reload them.

The significant issue with this is that you have to load and process images one at a time if you are using these tools. This slows the workflow down dramatically as you have to process the image prior to loading your next one. Please fix asap.

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