TopazAI 1.5.1 hard crashing when working with multiple RAW images

Love Photo AI, hate hard crashes!!!

I load around 30 Sony cRAW images (25MB) in TPAI. I will crop an image as soon as i am able to and then move onto the next image (generally whilst TPAI is still working out autopilot settings). TPAI, with great reliability, but hard predictability, hard crashes at some point.

… and with it goes maybe 15+ minutes of tinkering with the previous photos.

It also happens with my cannon CR2 RAW files (from a 7D as well as a G9X mk II). It doesn’t seem to happen with TIF files although i don’t use them as often.

Don’t think RAM etc is an issue as sometimes (in previous TPAI versions it would happen after as few as 6 images but with my previous RX570 4GB card). In any event, I now have a Ryzen 5500 with 32GB of RAM + Nvidia 8GB 2060 super card running on Win10. Suspect that TPAI doesn’t enjoy being interrupted in mid stream when i move to the next image but that just a thought.

I accept that solving these types of problems to ground is tough. Is it not possible to have TPAI save the “edit settings” on photos already viewed so that after a crash, the previous work isn’t lost?

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@roadbiker2 I’m glad you’re loving Photo AI! Let’s see if we can do something about the crashing.

Please send me your system profile information so I can check if your computer hardware is up to date.
How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows) This will give me some more info about the GPUs that isn’t in your post.

Also, RAW files are relatively large so I’m not entirely surprised that processing multiple at a time is straining the resources. But I’ll see what we can do to optimize the performance.