Topaz Video Takes Six Hours To process 4 second Video

Trying to process 4 second video: attempting to increase fps to 60, using nyx hq denoise model. Remaining time 6 hours. I waited 20 minutes, but Task Manager says ffmpeg running at 33% CPU continuously. Your software is hopeless. I want my money back. Including screenshot and support logs as requested. My machine uses RDX 4500 GPU. (1.2 MB)

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Are you sure you have TVAI set to use your GPU as the AI processor?

Yes I am sure.

Task manager is not always the best gauge of how the system is running, I would recommend using GPU-z instead.

In the logs it looks like the task never reaches completion are you stopping the process, or closing the app via Task Manager before it finishes?

Nyx denoise in its latest iteration does take time to run and if you are pulling the video file from an external drive and writing it back out to the drive that can be a bottleneck source. Can you put the file on your internal drive and run it from there to see if that reduces the processing time and then share the updated logs?

To look at having a refund done, you will need to reach out to the support staff directly at where they can access your account and handle that.


Do you speak on behalf of the company? It strains credulity that an external hard drive would make the process THAT much longer (6 hours), but in any case I am NOT using an external drive. The drive is an SSD that is in my computer. The answer to your question of whether I am stopping the process is YES. I waited for 20 minutes, and no progress occurred within that time. The Topaz Video AI program itself was not doing anything, while ffmpeg was using 33% of the CPU. So it looked like it was STUCK.

Kyle does represent Topaz Labs.

Although your system is a laptop it should run around the speed of a RTX 3060ti desktop system.

Can you run a dxdiag test and post the logs here as it seems like something is not right on your setup.

Can you aslso confirm you are using the latest NVIDIA RTX / Quadro Desktop and Notebook Driver Release 550 ( R550 U6 (552.55)

I noticed a reference to “Microsoft Basic Render Driver” in their logs. That raises a question mark about the installed drivers.

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Correct, my exact thoughts.

DxDiag file attached. I don’t think I have the latest NV drivers.
DxDiag.txt (118.4 KB)

Firstly I’d do a clean install of the latest correct drivers

Secondly open a command prompt with admin rights and type

sfc /scannow

And see how things are.

I will not do anything more until Topaz has examined the logs and other data completely. If I follow every suggestion on the forum, this process is going to spiral out into a very big ordeal where I’ll be forced to reinstall every single OS component. For crying out loud, Kyle was talking about external drives! Doesn’t give me much confidence in Topaz’s competence, forcing me to go on absurd wild goose chases. Neither he nor you actually care one iota about this issue, only posting whatever will make it go away and/or boost your social rating on the forum. Like I predicted in the beginning, it appears more and more clear with each passing day that any good faith attempt at seeking technical support here is a hopeless cause. Perhaps I will try reinstalling the software, as I remember it used to work at some point in the past.

I have over 40 years of working on computers and have helped many on here to resolve their issues.

Having taken the time to try and help you your response is nothing short of disgusting.

I apologize for hurting your feelings, and for being ungrateful. I was wrong in attributing bad motives to the support staff here. Will not happen again.

Max, my comments about the external drive was based on previous users having issues with errors and write speeds. It was recommended to look at it as a source of bottlenecking and slow processing. I did not state that it was the issue, but since you never let a process complete, it is hard to diagnose the full extent of the issue.

As the others have pointed out checking the drivers for your GPU is ideal as in the DxDiag report you shared it looks like the driver was last updated last year in July.

Try updating the drivers and letting a full export process run and then share the updated logs.


I cannot install the new drivers, because it would break a bunch of other stuff I have installed.

What is the newest driver you can install without breaking other apps? Also can you share what other apps you are running that are an issue? There should be a balance somewhere that can be found.

Yet you know updating those drivers will break other stuff ?

At this point you have ignored every single offer of help.

What STUFF will break ?

Please name the the software I assume you mean by STUFF that will break by updating Nvidia drivers.

I some how expect you can’t as you appear to be totally incompetent and to be honest a TROLL

You come onto the forum DEMANDING a refund claiming the software is shit, yet when pointed out YOUR system might be at fault you condensed those trying to help you.

And btw you never hurt my feelings, just made yourself look like a fool.


I am using some AI applications that were built from GitHub projects. Face swapping, etc… I believe they depend on a specific version of CUDA and cudnnx. Installing newer Nvidia drivers would most likely require upgrading both CUDA and cudnnx versions. I would have to look at each of them to see if they would keep working if CUDA version was changed.

Create a virtual machine using the latest GPU driver and run Video AI in that.