Topaz Video Enhance AI Not Responding at Startup

I’ve been using the program for some time now, but every now and again it just stops working. When starting the program the window just goes white and it says not responding in the top left. I’ve waited for the program for recover on its own, but it never does. Uninstalling and reinstalling does not work.

This has happened three times now. The previous two times I was able to install an older version of the program and then the newer, and that fixed the problem. But that is no longer working.

I speculate that this has something to do with auto saved projects. If I quit the program with previous projects still active, and then delete the files of those projects used by the program, the program just refuses to start. I’ve tried manually deleting everything remotely connected to Topaz on the harddrive, but this does not seem to work.

Perhaps there is some auto save files somewhere that could be deleted to resolve the issue? Or maybe the problem is something else entirely?