Topaz video crashes but the files do keep generating 3.5.1

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Could you send us a note at with the full log files from the app?

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I found out that it are .ts files that were not perfect

If i convert them first 1 to 1 to mp4 in anymp4converter then i can load them.

This leads me to the following why topaz does not allow .ts files to export to and .ts to import.

So it are some older ts files from a satreceiver

.ts files are supported but there are some issues with .ts, .m2t, and .vob because those formats do not provide the same level of metadata as other containers.

These file types are really designed to be accessed as part of a larger folder structure like a DVD or Blu-ray disc, so there can be some unexpected behavior when working with them directly in the app.

I think your method of rewrapping the files before importing is the best overall solution for a more stable experience with Video AI.

Thanks for your reply i still would have .ts as an export extension my mobile and sat receiver uses this. .ts files allow to keep my mediaplayer to leave information behind stuffed in files to start from the point it last stopped.

About .vob files my nero burned vob files that no mediaplayer could play were perfectly imported by Topaz AI and exported to mp4 . There is no other program that was able to do this successfully. My UK X factor finals 2006 came back to live after so many years …

So .vob worked like a charm

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