Topaz Video Al v3.1.11 shows no Export progress

The only output container available is mov. Is there no way on Mac to change this? I have an issue where I am trying to preview an old mpg file to improve its resulution and I get this error:CONTAINER

Error: Audio stream #1 contains ‘pcm_dvd’
audio which can’t be used with the "mov’
Select an alternate Container to copy audio,
or change Audio Mode to ‘Convert’ (this may
cause a loss in audio quality).

However the only container available is mov. What can I do, since I would prefer MP4 for many of my project outputs?


ProRes files can only be saved in a .mov container, so I would recommend switching to H264 High or H265 Main and then selecting .mp4 as the container.

You will also need to convert the audio to a compatible format for .mp4, such as AAC or AC3.

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