Topaz Video AI v4.1.0 Preview Error

I just loaded a video I want to upconvert and first I tried full HD then I tried 4x Upscale but in either case, when I tried to do a 10s preview, it just said error. No more details than that. I have Windows 10 22H2 Inspiron 3793 laptop. I attached my log files for support. I tried changing the Temp folder but no luck. (42.3 KB)

I tried to export too and it also failed. Attached the logs. (42.3 KB)

Your system is under the minimum system requirements for the app. Your GPU can not handle running the upscale.


Ok thank you very much! Good to know. I’ll run it on my other laptop then, Alienware 17R5, which I think shouldn’t have any problems.

If I want to try to install Video AI on my other laptop, can I just uninstall on this laptop and then install on the other or do I need to contact you guys to be able to do that (I’m thinking of the license key but I’m on the same internet connection obviously)? Clearly I can’t run it on this laptop so I need to install it on my other. Thanks again for your help.

Yes you can install the app on two different computers under one license. Each license comes with two seats.

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Great thank you!

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