Topaz Video AI v3.2.2

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Please offer an option to delete all generated previews immediately when a new preview is in process.


Since models keep changing I’ve lost the trick to improve poor-quality VHS videos (as digitised some time ago), does anyone have any suggestions for something to try on 3.2.2? I planned to upscale too (1080p would be nice). What I used to use just made it very soft.

Welcome Jacob

I am seeing colored boxes on some videos.

It depends what you are trying to solve in the video. I usually do prefer to solve one issue at time, for example, noise reduction in one export, then drag and drop the exported file back to topaz, then apply the next filter.

After multiple tests, I noticed that topaz works better in higher resolutions, especially when you have a crap video and you are trying to solve wobbling issues due to the camera sensor cannot deal with light reflections (and you film without PL filter). It happens because in higher resolutions topaz divide more the working area (stitching boxes). I hope some day they will add working area boxes to redo the process in specific areas instead the whole video or frame (like control net or impaint), and a way to ignore people and camera motion (because atm it does a bad job when you need to stabilize and you have one of those).

Also since current AI tends to soften or change things too much when the settings are high. So maybe you can try perform more than one pass in lower settings.


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maybe try proteus v4 with motion deblur turned on or off and 75 % proteus deblur, 20 % de-halo, 30-35 % recover details and 1 or 2 % of add noise. :slight_smile:

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When I try to make a 4 k 30 fps video 4 k 60 fps I get a 4 k 60 fps video in slow motion with half of the original speed. The slow motion option was turned off. Made two attempts. :eyes: edit: it seems that MPC-HC has play issues where the speed is onproperly and the sound missing. Via VLC the file plays okay!

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Welcome! I hope you’ll find working on such interesting lineup of software rewarding! :slight_smile:


If this is happening in the topaz preview, “is normal”. 3.2.2 should solve some playback issues.
If it is happening in your editing software, you need to check if the audio output is set to be included in the topaz export. And for the slow mo, if your editing software is adjusting automatically to the timeline fps.

i am just speaking about video players: mpc-hc and vlc. not about editing software. :slight_smile:

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Welcome Jacob! All of a sudden there is no audio on previews.??

I like this idea!

We have been investigating some bug reports about freezing video playback in previews (and in exports when users are trimming the video) when the “Copy” audio export setting is selected.

We found this was related to a mismatch in duration for the copied audio segment & the trimmed video. To fix this, we’re developing a new way to handle audio copy/transcode in the app, including expanded options for codecs and surround sound. I’m hoping once that’s in, we can bring back audio for previews.

For now, we decided to remove audio playback in-app to mitigate the issues.


Congrats and WELCOME!

If a high-quality video has no grain or noise, it should only be processed at Artemis High Quality. And if the video already has a little noise and grain, then you should use Artemis Mudium Quality. And finally, if you have a very grainy and noisy old DVD, then Artemis Low Quality, Noisy is indispensable.
I have a 2023 movie in 4K from which I cut video clips. The idiot director decided that the film should have grain, as if it were shot on film. I originally processed the clip using Artemis Hight Quality, but the grain wasn’t completely removed. Then I tried Artemis Medium Quality, which anti-aliases images a little more.
So, I have a question for you. How do you think the image is not distorted in the photos? Not very synthetic? Enough details left?

Welcome! Question for you:

Suraj had previously posted a script (for Mac and Windows) that downloads all models at once for offline use. Is it possible to have an updated script that does the same with version 3.2.2?

Ideally, the script could be posted with each new release/update.

Thanks in advance!


Hello Jacob, welcome!
When will you implement the Compare View from version 2 into version 3?

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I use a proper hardware encoder to convert to mp4 then I only use Theia ONLY set revert details to 96 and reduce noise to 80 and sharpen no more than 3 only

VHS tapes the really old ones have their iron magnetics especially when a copy of a copy are really bad and faces with use advanced other profiles will just create artifacts

do not think face reconstruction of other vendors work they do not they are really gophy AVC% i tested with it

As you can imagine I am really doubt full if Topaz will can do it better than AVC@ but if possible ity would be impressive hopefuly the new engineer is not from AVC!

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