Topaz Video AI v3.1.4 Will Not Maximize/Restore

Testing Video AI v3.1.4 under Windows 10 64 bit.

While Video AI v3.1.4 is processing, I can minimize the program window to the task bar and then maximize the program windows again for ONE time only. After subsequent minimizing of the program while it is processing a file, the program now will not maximize anymore!? The program icon remains within the task bar and nothing appears to happen when attempting to maximize the program again!?

I’ve searched on the internet for possible solutions to enable maximizing Video AI program window again. The suggested solutions included trying a variety of keyboard and/or mouse inputs in an attempt get the program to maximize, but when trying these suggestions they all failed to get Video AI to maximize again!

Video AI is still running during this time processing files.

Tried checking my computer for corrupt/missing system files by running SFC, but nothing of concern was found.

So why does Video AI (v3.1.4) fail to maximize on second attempts to get it to maximize?

Note that other programs minimized seem to maximize just fine!

For the benefit of others who might have a similar issue, I think I have found the answer to this failing to maximize issue.

After extensive searches on the internet for solutions to this issue, the issue appears to be related to the resolutions of the computer display and that of Video AI being different or incompatible somehow.

Note, another program similar to Topaz Video Enhance also failed to maximize. So it appears that some video processing software have resolution issues with my display setup, but other programs do not have issues maximizing again.

I haven’t tried altering my computer display settings, as I prefer to keep the current setting as it looks fine.

The workaround is to -

  1. open “properties” of the problem program (Video AI) by right clicking on desktop icon or right clicking on the program main executable.

  2. select the Compatibility tab

  3. select Change high DPI settings button

  4. set checkmark for High DPI scaling override next to text “Override high DPI scaling behavior”

  5. then select from the drop down menu under text “Scaling performed by:” System (Enhanced)

  6. click Apply then OK etc. You might also have to click on “Change settings for all users” under the Compatibility tab and select the DPI options as in steps 3 ~5, and then click Apply OK etc as required.

Topaz Video AI (and the other similar program) both now maximize without issue!