Topaz Video AI - queue exports sequentially?

Hi there - up front, I love Video AI. It took me a while to transition from Enhance AI, but once I did, the benefits were manifest.

However, one thing I miss is the way Enhance AI used to queue exports sequentially, rather than process them in parallel.

I frequently process many large jobs and just leave the computer running. When they were processed in sequence, I didn’t lose anything if there was a system crash, power cut, Bloody Windows Update etc. - any completed jobs were done and saved. With the jobs sharing the workload and processing in parallel, I lose everything if the machine is interrupted mid-process.

Would it be possible to add this back in as an option? Video AI is so much faster than Enhance AI was, but I have on occasion lost literal days of progress because the machine was interrupted and several jobs at once did not complete.

Many thanks!

Does this fix it for you?

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Hi ForSerious,

OMG, thank you! I can’t believe I was being so dense. I had seen that setting, but completely failed to clock that was what it meant. I feel so stupid!

Thank you so much - you just saved me many headaches down the line :smile:

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