Topaz Video AI output is 1 frame too short on 90% of exports

In Topaz Video AI 3.2.2 on a Windows 11 machine (Ryzen 9 7950X / 128 GB RAM / 4090), I discovered that 90% of my last ~65 processed videos are missing 1 frame from the end.

Source videos are 7680x7680 / 59.94 fps in ProRes422 HQ exported from Adobe Premiere Pro. Output is also ProRes422 HQ.

I reimported both the source file (fed to Topaz) and the Topaz-enhanced videos, and the Topaz output is 1 frame short. This is problematic when breaking up a timeline into many separate clips for processing, which I have to do because if I try to run Topaz on a very long video that would take several days to process, it crashes a couple days in.


Enhance settings:


I am also experiencing this issue, still present today in v3.2.3
I’m not using interpolation, only upscaling, Theia model. Exporting PNG sequence.
Windows 10, AMD 1920X, 3090x2

@ehc This is a known issue that occurs when exporting with ProRes, we are close to resolving this issue and I will notify you both once a resolution is found :slight_smile:

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@adam.singer-5103 @ehc This issue will be resolved in today’s release of v3.3.3 :slight_smile:

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