Topaz Video AI Not Opening

  1. The bug: Topaz Video AI Not Opening on any version above 3.0 / Program doesn’t Open no matter what I do. I’ve reinstalled it multiple times. I’ve purged every file to do with Topaz and reinstalled the newest version from scratch.
    The only way I can get the program to work is to install an old version below version 3.0 then update that old version to the 3.0 baseline version. But any update beyond 3.0 doesn’t work.

*One thing I noticed is that when I have tried to install the newest updates, the program asks me “are you sure you want to update now. There is a video currently being processed” … But I assure you, there are no videos being process when I get that prompt.
Topaz also asks me to repair the program which never works.
Topaz asks me if I want to delete all associated files before installing a fresh install. Which never resolves the issue either.

  1. I have processed Multiple hour long videos prior to this issue on my system which has Titan 3060 with 32GB Ram and a 10th gen intel i5 processor.

  2. I can’t get Log files because the program won’t even open when the issue is occurring.

  3. Screenshot is irrelevant because the program won’t even open.

  4. Any prior discussions I have searched for with a similar topic failed to answer or resolve this issue.

Could you try these steps to reset the app’s registry entries and see if a regular install of version 3.5.0 launches?

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