Topaz Video AI - Nikon Raw Video

Anyone else seeking nikon’s raw video support in Topaz Video AI? I absolutely love this program, but it does not accept .NEV video files.

I’d love my video workflow to be the same as my raw photo workflow, where I process my .NEF files into .DNG and finish in an adobe product.

Hopefully I’m not alone out there in hoping this comes to a future update!

With Adobe apparently cancelling work on Nikon Raw support (at Nikons request according to rumours), it looks like N-Raw in its current form might be a dead format.

Hmm, it’s odd to call something that is built into Nikon’s flagship cameras a dead format, but I asked the question. Do you have advice on the workflow for raw video processing with Topaz? Convert and then process? Thanks for the response.

The problem is that developers are not going to spend resources supporting a raw format that Nikon themselves could be replacing with REDCODE or some derivative. If Adobe have stopped working on support, then they must suspect (or have been told by Nikon) that significant changes are incoming.

Anyway, transcoding to an intermediate like ProRes is probably the best option for processing, but unless there is some deficiency in the original footage you are trying to correct, I don’t see any reason to use TVAI at all.

The Problem of Red was the blocking of technics that do compress videos a lot without loss of quality, as far as i know.

So it could be true that nikons old format is dead.

Best option is to convert the videos into another format for bringing into Video AI at this time that retain as much of the RAW data as you can. There are several rumors of things changing at Nikon since the recent purchase of RED and what that means is anyone’s guess at this time.

NRAW works in Da Vinci, you can use the Video AI plug in there and then export to DNG.

Appreciate everyone’s feedback. I’ll start messing with Da Vinci and other programs, without spending anymore $$.