Topaz Video AI Early Access v3.0.0-1

Hello Everyone,

We have another update for Topaz Video AI 3.0 with lots of fixes and improvements. Please provide your feedback.

Windows | Mac
Headers, Dylibs, & Libs for custom FFmpeg builds


  • Rolling shutter correction is added for stabilization
  • Video resolutions are shown in SAR
  • Temp directory gets cleaned up
  • Close all added for export
  • Image sequence with any start number should work correctly
  • Changing Data and Temp folders in the preference should work correctly
  • Preview should be faster on export
  • Export can be previewed after enough frames are processed, if allow recovery is ON in preferences
  • FFmpeg command can be seen from the Advanced menu before running preview/export
  • Faster loading/updating videos
  • Fixes issues with some filter chaining
  • Add warning when video failed to load
  • Misc. bug fixes and improvements

Known Issues

  • Deinterlacing with 2x FPS triggers frame rate conversion model (Chronos Fast)
  • Certain VOB files do not open correctly
  • Some videos can still have some seeking issues in Preview/Export
  • Color space / HDR issues
  • Keyboard navigation missing
  • Intel codec not working on some machines
  • Some quality mismatch between 2.6.4 and 3.0
  • Multiple selection for source videos is missing
  • Output bitrate is not reset to Preferences bitrate when importing a new file
  • Different view mode is still missing
  • Failure can happen when resizing to a big resolution like 4k or 8k without a warning if machine runs out of memory
  • Speed can be slower than 2.6.4 with some models on some machines. We’ll be working on speed optimization in the next weeks
  • Proteus with Auto + Stabilization may cause artifacts
  • Preview with image sequence doesn’t work or plays at 25fps

Problems & Known Solutions

  • If the output doesn’t open in other applications, disable Allow Recovery before processing in Preferences > Output (note: Allow Recovery is required for previewing exported video in the app while processing)
  • Some Mac users who participated in the Alpha or Beta may experience failures with all models. If this happens make sure the data directory is pointing at the correct version of Video AI
  • H.264 encoders have a maximum resolution of 4096x4096, use a different encoder for 4k or 8k videos
  • Changing data folder path can cause issues. To resolve: manually create a folder and name it models in the new location and copy the files from old to new location

Proteus Auto Caveats
The adjustments will not be visible and the sliders will show values of “0” when in auto mode. However, each frame is being analyzed for optimal settings while processing. If you keep Auto enabled and modify the sliders, the settings you choose will be value-adjustment percentages. For example, if Auto estimates the Sharpen slider with a value of 50, and you manually select -50, then the actual value applied will be 25.

CLI Usage
CLI mode has returned for Topaz Video AI 3. Detailed usage instructions are available here, on our support website .

Frequently Asked Questions can be found here .

Please upload videos that are not working or having any type of conflicts to this DropBox Folder .


Version numbers confuse a bit. So version is newer than :eyes:

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Yes, it is newer.
Just go by release date.
The version numbers for alpha, beta, early access and release are all consistent within each type. The first 3 numbers are consistent across all of them, but the last number is not.


I was processing a video and it suddenly closed.

I keep hearing the GPU coil whine and it’s still in use by FFMPEG (wtf). The program kind of closed but it’s like is still running in the background…


it’s the GUI which crashed (frontend) but the processing (ffmpeg+VEAI model calculation) and the whole video processing is still working. if you don’t close ffmpeg, it will process your video normally. it’s a bug, and is under investigation. best is to send when it’s happen, the log to ida, or the dropbox folder at the beggining.
maybe it would be good that someone add this in the changelog in “known issues” ;).

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I see, thanks for yor answer. Where can I find that “crash log”?

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Issue maybe related to French keyboard but not sure.

  • when trying the “select scale” option, it’s not possible to write a . in the %. 140, 150, 200 is ok.
    but 150.50 is not possible, using numeric pad or normal keyboard = same.
    If using a , instead, it erase all settings in VEAI, close ehance filter, and display a “nan” word everywhere (widh, height and scale). if i erase the number, everything goes normal again, and the filter is restaured and back :). (Magic ? :wink: ).

look in the menu, in Help there is a log line with “open log folder”. if it’s not activated by default, you can active a detailed logging in the file/preferences.

I’ve an spanish keyboard.

Thanks, I’ve submitted the logs.

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The problem I see here is this: Are the current beta and early access versions both based on the most recent code?

Will attempting to have both of these on a system create version skew problems?

Yay! I can finally shut up about this! :joy: Thanks!

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You can have them running side by side. To avoid large storage space usage by models just use the same data folder for both.
The alpha versions are always current with the latest code. The beta version is a day behind and the early access is a more stable version of the code so slightly ahead of the beta.
In general the beta version has more risky changes and early access is beta+bug fixes.
Early access is for anyone who owns the product unlike the beta.


There is still the issue of the dot denoting the “same as source” option for export folder. It will be fixed in a few weeks.


Thanks. Suraj.

That’s good to know.

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Yes! :cowboy_hat_face:

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The dot makes perfect sense to me - was not on my list of issues, but I could see why you might want to change it for the sake of clarity.


@suraj @gregory.maddra Do we get extra time for beta testing ? usage time ?

i dont know why, but the time line bar dont move. i try to move, so i can test in a certain point, but the bar cant go. always reset to the beginning of the video.

Not able to login on MacbooK pro