Topaz Video AI 5.0

I actually like the new lime green color scheme, it’s refreshing and high contrast. For general eye strain reasons unrelated to Topaz, I keep the brightness low (2018 MacBook Pro, Display P3, brightness generally set at 8 bars out of 16), so those who keep their monitors bright may find the contrast too jarring.

Exactly. I’ve mentioned Handbrake in another comment as an example of a good interface for batch processing (not ideal, but much better than Topaz):

Pressing the pause button in Handbrake will pause the whole export queue, which is what one would expect.

I feels like Topaz likes to go in their own direction, which I find admirable (I do that a lot in my personal life) and can be very effective if done well. But often “the way things are” has good reasons behind it, and at some point it’s better to follow other software for the basic interactions and be creative with the novel features of Photo AI and Video AI. In contrast, Topaz seems to be moving in the opposite direction, towards standard editing software for the advanced tasks (especially with Photo AI) while keeping their own quirks for the basic operations.