Topaz Video AI 4.1.0

The latest version of topaz video AI (4.1.0) renders much slower with less quality than the older version (video enhance AI). It seems that I get MUCH better results with the older version (2.6.3) than I do with the new one. Does anyone know why?

Example- With 2.6.3, my 10-15 sec videos only take 10 minutes to export with great results. With 4.1.0, the same video with same settings took 6 hours and 57 minutes with worse results than the older version. Why is this the case?

Any feedback is appreciated.

First off you post is comparing a product from 2 years ago with zero information on settings and file used that has gone thro a major overhaul to the engine and judging by your time quoted in 2.6.3 to process a video of just 15 seconds I’d say Topaz is not the problem but your hardware.

I just ran a 30 second clip thro 2.6.4 with Proteus Fine Tune V2 that took 02:30
Running that same clip thro 4.1.0 with Proteus took 01:25 and gave way better visual and metric output.


There are situations where TVAI 4.1 will use an X4 model where VEAI 2.6 would use an X2 model. I found that the X4 model looks much worse and takes much longer then the X2 model… But you did not give us any details for us to determine if that is what’s going on. Also hardware makes a huge difference. Some older hardware has been reported to be much slower in TVAI 3.2+ versions. (367.7 KB)