Topaz Video AI 3.2.7

Three things…two are suggestions and one is a bug.

One suggestion is, in the processing queue, it would be great somehow to be able to see what the filenames that are processing.

Second suggestion, give us a shutdown after finishing option.

The bug, ever since the past 2-3 updates, I am running 2 exports at the same time and 1 just randomly hangs and stops processing. It’s not the same file every time, just seems to randomly stop and I have to close the video and re-add it to the queue.

For the first one, you can switch the view to “selected” which will highlight the video that corresponds to the previews/exports and you can hover over the input file to see the name :slight_smile:

The second one is a highly requested idea that you can track in the Ideas section of the forum.

For the issue, I will need your system profile and logs.

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Mac)

To gather logs, please select Help > Logging and make sure that there is a check mark next to Logging. Next, recreate the issue and then return to the Help menu and select > Get Logs for Support and attach the zip file to your reply.

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