Topaz Video AI 3.0 encoders

Topaz Video AI 3.0 only has special encoders such as PRO RES 422 and VP9, and cannot use other editing or playback software. I would like to see an improvement.

What other codecs are you looking for? First, I am using the Mac version. But I have the choice of three containers: MP4, MOV, MKV.

I assume that if you are on a PC then you are offered the AVI container instead of the MOV container. I’m not sure. I guess AVI files have a licensing thing for use on a Mac, but the MOV container is the most compatible for Windows and OSX.

Then, here is the list of codecs:

No we don’t have Avi on PC in Video Ai 3.0. we have the same as you. Mov, Mp4 and Mkv.

Thank you for your reply. In my Windows 10 environment, I don’t see H264 High or H265. Let’s check with another PC Windows 11.

On my Windows 10 PC I have all those shown by Michaelpfost, except ProRes 444XQ.

Thanks all. H264 and H265 are not displayed, solved. I hope it will be helpful to others.
PC: Ryzen 5700G iGPU not used
GPU:Radeon Vega 56
When using only the Vega 56, the H264 and H265 are not displayed. Once you have enabled the Ryzen 5700G iGPU display
H264 and H265 (AMD) are now selectable.

The Windows11 laptop is an Intel CPU and Geforce3050, but this one was able to choose H264, H265 (intel) and H264, H265 (Nvidia) from the beginning.

Due to GPL reasons, the FFMPEG used in TVAI cannot use x264 and x265 CPU encoders.
H.264 and H.265 can be used with NVEnc, AMD Encoder AMF,Intel QSV so you will need to have GPU enabled.
Also, depending on the GPU and its driver version, NVenc, AMF, and QSV may have limitations and may not be usable.
The above is a limitation of the Windows version; the MAC version seems to use VideoToolbox, so it may be different.

Some commercial software is licensed to use x264 and x265, so Topaz would be a better choice to be licensed in the same way.

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Thank you for your reply. I changed graphics board to Geforce and used NVenc. After enabling igpu, AMD Encoder can now be used. In my case this is enough. Thanks to TicoRodriguez and Master Asia!