Topaz Video A1 v3.0.4 Problem

Hi, I find the quality worse than the original, the faces are contorted making them look nothing like themselves, what could I be doing wrong, the option I picked was Deinterlace footage and upscale to HD quality, I didn’t choose any other options, hoping for some help :slight_smile:

Please show an example image. :slight_smile:

Hi, I have attached pics, the first 4 are from HD video and the other 4 are from the standard video :slight_smile: Thanks. Rod

other pics :slight_smile:

You have probably noticed that there are three main categories of enhancement.
if you pick “interlaced” you find only 2x deinterlacing methods there. With some types of video, (in essence,) that method may create a ‘progressive’ video but what the double frames are it the original interlace, but they are now in two frames which are ‘aligned.’ In other words, It may be progressive, but it really isn’t. - (I don’t know if this is virtually true, but it may be the best way to think of it…)

There is also an enhancement category called ‘Progressive Interlaced’ or ‘Interlaced Progressive’ (I’m away from my home machine and can’t remember the actual word order.) This is where you can actually take video that is Progressive, (but not really progressive) and merge the “aligned” frames into really progressive video. - I believe there is some sort of interpolation involved, but the framerate will remain the same as the source. - After doing this, the actual Progressive Enhancement options will work well. And you can also change your output frame rate with better results.

It’s all very electric and dangerous… :roll_eyes: Hope this helps. :nerd_face:

LOL sorry, that’s a little too heavy for me, should I just try to upgrade to HD rather than Deinterlace? :slightly_smiling_face:



Whatever floats your boat.

Are your examples all after processing? Because without seeing the originals to compare, it’s hard to comment really.

Hi, I posted 8 pics, the first 4 are after processing and the others before processing :slight_smile: