Topaz video 3.3.1

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is will not show on screen like not start up if i i drop the colours to low it starts up on low colours . It used to work fine on older versions . there is no error to send you it just wont load if in admin .
i have windows 11 with a 7 chip high spec pc. Oled screen asus vivbook

I’m assuming your mother tongue is not english.
What you have written is not translating well.

No i am English Topaz video 3.3.1 will not start up on my pc when i click on it. I tried changing the setting too administrator. But still it wont start up on the screen. So i made the app run on a low resolution. then it worked it has done this on a number of updates of late. I have a A7 processor and windows 11 a high spec pc i am running. the laptop has a OLED screen i don’t know if that will help you ASUS Vivobook . I think there is a bug in the software but it dose not show any errors.

Can you please post your Dxdiag?

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

DxDiag.txt (80.2 KB)

Unfortunately, this particular computer does not meet the VRAM, or graphics memory requirement to operate this software. Because there is not enough graphics memory capable to run the program, the behavior you are experiencing is expected as a result. We cannot guarantee full functionality on this machine.

For full functionality, you’d need to use a different computer that meets our System Requirements in order to run this program successfully. You can download the product on as many computers as you need, and your product license will allow you to be logged into two at a time without any licensing issues.

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