Topaz V v3.52 will not process

I have V3.52
When I do any of my old presets I’ve used many times
just shows 0s (59448.4fps) 7% completed

I DID get it to work when I JUST used the Upscale to HD Resolution preset BUT

That’s because on that setting NOTHING is enabled no stabilization, no motion deblur and no frame interpolation, just enhancement with proteus


I’ve seen similar bug for 3.51 but didn’t see any logs

(upload:// (89.0 KB) (89.0 KB)

logsForSupport.tar.gz (685.3 KB)

Could we try these steps to reset and reinstall version 3.5.2 of Video AI? We’ve seen some reports that the app is running into some export errors when upgraded from a previous release:

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