Topaz Support Stumped: Text Labels Scrambled / Garbled

More recent versions of Gigapixel AI and Sharpen AI display text labels scrambled, garbled and compressed. No issues with installs of current versions of DeNoise, Mask, Adjust or Studio. Have uninstalled, deleted folders, removed Registry entries. Topaz support says they have seen this a few times with other users (i.e. rare?) but they are basically stumped, so looking for any ideas from the community. Clearly something in my system, but where? Windows 10 PC, language set to English U.S.

The only thing I can think of is that the default windows font for displaying in Windows dialogs etc., Segoe UI, may be corrupt or not installed.

Just check if it is available on your pc, if not search for it on the Windows technetium and download and install.

Thanks. Ran DISM and system files checker. It found some corruption, repaired it, but still no fix. Default font files are good; they display correctly with every other Topaz app, including Mask, DeNoise, Adjust, etc. and every other Windows app.